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Tornado Industries specialise in the supply and installation of security fencing South Island wide from chain link fences, to sophisticated electrified security fences. For an obligation free quote please contact TORNADO INDUSTRIES

Safety Fencing

3.0m wide x 1.8m high SITE SAFETY PANEL for securing building sites or for crowd control.


Security Compound

Portion of building secured permanantly with a lockabe access gate.


Lockable Compound

Lockabe compound securing an air conditioning unit.


Internal Patritioning

Internal partitioning securing chemicals.


External Partitioning

Bi-folding commercial gate used when space is limited.


Internal Partitioning

Internal partitioning using a 25nb mm galvinised pipe frame and chain link wire.



Security Fencing

Security Fencing

This compound has 1.8m of chain link netting and 0.5m of barb wire at

the top to protect a transformer


Even Pair Security Gates

Large (12m opening) even pair security gates at the Port of Lyttelton


Even Pair Security Gates

Even pair security access gates.


3-run Barb Fencing

Typical 3-run barb wire security fencing.


8.5m Single Security Gate

8.0m single security access gate. Access to a compound can be via one single

gate (as above) or an even pair (two gates joining in the middle of an oppening)

to a maximum opening of 8m for a single hanging gate, 13m for a sliding gate

(manual or automatic), and 16m for an even pair.



Unscalable Fencing

Unscalable Security Fencing

Uncalable security fence at the Port of Lyttelton.


Unscalable Security Fencing

High security uncalable fence for a major sub station in Christchurch

complete with concrete weed band at base.



Electrified Fencing

Electrified Automatic Gate Electrified Security Fence
Electrified automated gates can be placed anywhere within a fence for access into the compound.
Electrification of an existing security fence is possible with an optional number of electrified wires.



Razor Barb Fencing

Highly secure razor barb coils above 1.8m of chain link netting (barb top).


Cricket Safety Nets

Cricket Safety Nets

Cricket practice safety nets with lockable fronts.



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