Tornado offer a large range of standard and off-standard dog compounds and are typically designed based on the layout of the area to be enclosed. Tornado offer pre-fabricated panels that are easy to assemble and can be easily disassembled for relocation. Tornado Industries have developed and refined the design of dog compounds for both private and commercial use to produce a strong, long lasting product that can be delivered anywhere in New Zealand. Contact us for an obligation-free measure and quote.


Top two photos - Tornado dog run panels installed in a client built roof system

Assembled 4.0 x 3.0m dog compound built from 4 pre-fabricated panels that can be easily freighted anywhere in NZ.

External Dog Run
Open roof dog run built on a cast concrete slab (Left) and a 5-bay dog compound built in pre-fabricated panels fixed to an existing concrete slab.


Pre-fabicated Panels
Pre-fabricated panels made to suit concrete slabs and kennels.
Six and three bay dog runs 1.9m high.


Large residential dog runs built into existing infrastructure.


Pre-fabricated panels bolted to concrete floor giving six individual dog compounds.



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